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Friday, December 29, 2006
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ArtsJournal Update
ArtsJournal wil return to updating with the Tuesday morning, Jan. 2 edition. New site update: new RSS feeds and the search engine are finally working. Also - it is now possible to email any story collected on ArtsJournal to another reader. To do so, click on the link under any story and fill in an email address. Happy New Year.
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@09:29AM

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Is The Man The Music? Can you hate Wagner's Teutonic superman beliefs and love "Siegfried Idyll," abhor Ezra Pound's fascist propaganda and admire The Cantos?... -

Letter from Getty Ex-Curator: Getty Plays Marion True False In a Dec. 18 letter to the Getty, obtained by the LA Times, the sacrificial curator strikes back.... -

Getcher Dirty Mitts Off My Genre My students surprised me with their resistance to the attempt to fuse classical music with pop conventions.... -

Music Not of its Time We are in a period in which masculine archetypes dominate cultural consciousness... -

A Very Rutelli Christmas and a Bloggy New Year! Pondering my Christmas card from The Great Repatriator: Does the Italian Culture Minister see himself as the new Gandhi?... -

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Today's AJVideo

Artist drives car in Venice Livio De Marchi is the only man who drives a car in Venice. The artist's has sculpted a full size Ferrari F50 boat out of wood. It floats on water, enabling him to drive around the many canals

Today's AJ Stories

Think Like A Woman/Think Like A Man Some researchers say that men can have 'women's brains' and that women can think more like men. A test you can take online suggests where your brain stacks up on the male/female continuum. - BBC 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@09:05PM

Technology - The Liar's Friend A new study reports that people find it easier to lie using technology. "The research by UK pollsters 72 Point found that 'techno-treachery' was widespread with nearly 75 percent of people saying gadgets like Blackberrys made it easier to fib. Just over half of respondents said using gadgets made them feel less guilty when telling a lie than doing it face to face." - Reuters 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@09:00PM

Savion Glover's Raw Deal So Savion Glover was central to the success of the animated "Happy Feet." But John Rockwell wonders why he doesn't get higher credit in the film. "I wasn't at the 'Happy Feet' negotiating table, so I can hardly impugn the tactics or skill of Mr. Glover and his negotiators in these matters. Maybe they gave way on credit placement in exchange for more money. But for an admirer of him and of tap and of dance, he seems to have gotten a ludicrously raw deal." - The New York Times 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@08:30PM

Hollywwod Has An Up 2006 At The Box Office 2005's box office was down, but 2006 came roaring back. "Hits like Pirates of the Caribbean helped total sales reach an estimated at $9.42 billion, compared with 2005's $8.99 billion. Summer takings were particularly strong but the year ended relatively weakly. A rise in ticket prices is partially responsible for the increase but actual attendance figures rose by 3% on the previous year." - BBC 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@07:26AM

Online Verdict: That Show's Jumped The Shark What do the ratings tell us about the popularity of TV shows? Not much, it turns out, if you check in with websites where the rabid fans cluster... - Chicago Sun-Times 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@10:19AM

Classical Music - The Year That Was "There were openings (a good half-dozen new or renovated performance venues) and closings (Tower Records), arrivals (Peter Gelb at the Metropolitan Opera, Kent Nagano in Montreal and Munich, James Conlon in Los Angeles) and departures announced (Eschenbach from Philadelphia, Gatti from Bologna). And, of course, there was lots and lots of Mozart." - PlaybillArts 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@10:14AM

La Scala Cancels "Candide" w/ Dancing George Bush La Scala opera house has canceled a production of Bernstein's "Candide" that features a scene with actors dancing in underwear while wearing masks of world leaders including President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. - International Herald Tribune (AP) 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@07:50AM

Long Lost Mozart Work Performed It's a short two-minute keyboard work. "Experts think Mozart wrote the piece when he was aged between six and 10. It bears the title Allegro di Wolfgango Mozart and was contained in a volume of anonymous manuscripts." - BBC 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@07:30AM

Can Sexy Stars Boost Opera? "At a time when opera is fighting with other forms of entertainment for attention, opera companies are more than willing to use singers' beauty in marketing efforts, and even onstage. But can attractive leads actually renew the audience for opera? And what is the net effect on the art form?" - New York Sun 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@06:53AM

A Pied Piper In A Shrinking Market Christopher O'Reilly's "From the Top" is a radio sow that features student musicians. But despite its popularity, the show has fewer stations to be heard on as radio moves away from classical music. "Despite the seemingly infinite array of pop and rock music available to share on the Web, there remains an odd paucity of classical music to download. It is still radio that provides the introduction that can alter the course of a young life, he says." - Los Angeles Times 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@06:27AM

An Explosion Of Historic Opera The Metropolitan Opera is broadcasting six historic opera performances every day on satellite radio. "Rebroadcasting an old radio program involves no complex legal agreements since money never actually changes hands, and if the Met hasn't yet found a way to make a financial profit on its archives, it is at least garnering much publicity and good will by sending them back out over the air waves." - Musical America 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@05:31AM

Downloads Will Bring Oldies To Top Charts Downloaded music is to be included in the UK Top 75 charts. "The move is likely to see older tracks brought to a new generation by TV shows, advertisements and films, or newly released digitally, shoot up the charts." - The Guardian 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@08:54PM

The Bill O'Reilly Opera (Anyone Could Write It) An opera about Bill O'Reilly and the producer who sued him for harrasmentdebuts in Seattle next week. "I came up with the idea of making Bill O'Reilly sing on Halloween morning, 2004. The weather was dull and chilly. I sat at the edge of the bed, drowsy and somber while this thought coursed through my mind. Whether it was the previous night's combination of cheap wine and homemade beer coming back to exact its revenge on me or pure, old-fashioned inspiration, I'll never know. All I was really aware of was that if I didn't write this piece, nobody would." - ArtDish 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@05:15PM

Classical Music - Who Died In 2006 A list of the greats who left us. - PlaybillArts 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@10:15AM

Robert Spano At Mid-Career The conductor reflects on his career and the future. "The thing of which I'm most proud is the American composers of my generation that we've been able to work with on an ongoing and regular basis," he says. He singles out three in particular: Christopher Theofanidis, Jennifer Higdon, and Osvaldo Golijov. "It's great to have an American composer of about 40 years old being mobbed in the lobby -- and not because people are upset but because they loved it, which happens to Jennifer." - Boston Globe 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@07:19AM

Remembering Mavor Moore Mavor Moore was "a true renaissance man -- a gifted writer and performer, inspired cultural visionary and genuine friend to artists everywhere. He had an important sense of history, having been active in the arts in the difficult days before the creation of the Canada Council when the establishment of professional theatre, dance and music organizations posed a huge challenge and the principle of public funding of the arts was no more than a dream of the Massey Royal Commission. And he remained conscious through his working life of the infinite possibilities of Canadian cultural expression, provided it could be unleashed." - Ottawa Citizen 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@08:11PM

Setting Plans For Getting Harry To His Readers The UK's Royal Post Office is already making plans for delivery of the next installment of the Harry Potter series. Some 500,000 copies will have to b delivered in a single day. "While the number represents only a fraction of the 80 million items the Royal Mail delivers daily, the security -- and secrecy -- surrounding the work mean the books have to spend as little time as possible on warehouse floors, complicating their distribution." - The Globe & Mail (Canada) 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@07:03AM

Publishing - The Year In Scandal "In 2006, the once-genteel publishing industry learned to its dismay that it could no longer escape the relentless media coverage and Internet scrutiny that have become part of modern life. Although the book world has had scandals in the past, the furious pace and intensity of negative publicity in 2006 seemed to buffet publishers harder than ever." - Los Angeles Times 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@06:11AM

Devil Wears Prada Conditions Publishing has something in common with the fashion business. They both perpetuate sweat shops. "In both industries -- fashion and publishing -- the focus of gossip has always been on who was the original model for the book's despotic boss. But anyone who has dealt extensively with either industry can tell you that, as nice as an individual boss may be, the system itself is designed as (and perpetuates itself as) a kind of ruthless (mostly) 'female boot camp'." - book/daddy (AJBlogs) 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@08:21PM

ART Artistic Director Woodruff To Leave Theatre "Robert Woodruff, artistic director of the American Repertory Theatre, will leave the ART at the end of this season, when his contract expires. Woodruff, who succeeded founding artistic director Robert Brustein in 2001, plans to return to his native New York as a freelance director and a teacher." - Boston Globe 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@07:13AM

UK Theatre's 100 Most-Influential Andrew Lloyd Webber's back on top. "One of this year's most important developments, if not its most important, was the emergence of reality TV as a means of casting theatre shows." - TheStage 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@10:37AM

Husband Charged In Hermitage Thefts The husband of a former Hermitage Musum curaor will be charged with the thefts of 200+ objects from the museum. "Officials said that Nikolai Zavadsky will be tried for stealing rare and valuable objects from the Hermitage along with his wife, Larissa, a former curator who died suddenly in October 2005." - CBC 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@07:35AM

Italy: The Ethical Return Of Art Italy's culture minister makes his case for return of improperly acquired art on an ethical basis. "All our negotiations with various subjects are based on dossiers which are drawn from trial evidence procedures, cultural indications or on Italian law regarding Italian cultural patrimony. Our negotiations are not juridical, but on an ethical plane with all the subjects." - Scoop 12/29/06
email this story | Posted 12/29/06@05:47AM

Art In A Scientific Image "The Science Photo Library was founded 25 years ago by Michael Marten after he and three colleagues published Worlds Within Worlds, the first popular book to show the new range of scientific imagery developed since the 1950s. The images were originally conceived purely as contributions to scientific knowledge, but over the years their use has extended into the worlds of art and culture." - The Times (UK) 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@08:47PM

The Restored Yale Art Gallery "While Yale has so far only redone the 1953 extension, designed by Louis I. Kahn, the university also plans to renovate wings that date from 1928 and 1867. It's all part of a 10-year, $500-million plan to overhaul the entire arts campus. Work is also planned for the departments of art and art history, architecture and drama." - Bloomberg 12/28/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@03:51PM

Symbolically Dead "Academics have long dismissed Symbolism as conservative. Even in the 1890s, Symbolism was criticized for its elitism and traditionalism. Yet a little more than a hundred years ago, all roads led to Symbolism. Today, Symbolism is the good art of bad ideas that people rarely know or otherwise choose to ignore." - The New Criterion 12/06
email this story | Posted 12/28/06@10:34AM

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